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Unpublished Paper
Black clouds on Public Interest Litigation in India & Judicial Check
ExpressO (2013)
  • sreenivasa murthy meeniga

Public Interest Litigation’, a golden result of judicial activism, has changed its shape in 21st century by providing more and more scope for protection of fundamental rights of poor and needy. Through liberalization of requirement of locus standi and by introducing epistolary jurisdiction the judiciary widened the road for social activists for raising issues relating to mass fundamental rights violation. The dark side of the golden face is the exploitation of the liberal interpretation by the self-interested personnel under the mask of social activism working for their own benefit in terms of monetary or personal. The increasing exploitation of the public interest litigation forced the Apex court of India to issue directions of the Supreme Court to various High Courts. This article firstly attempts to provide a basic understanding of concept of PIL and its history and growth in India. Secondly, analyzes the judicial pronunciations which uplifted the PIL under epistolary jurisdiction. Thirdly, highlights the Pros and Cons, under the light of several judgments in 21st century. Fourthly, concludes with suggestions for curtailing the abuse of public interest litigation for private benefits.

  • Public Interest Litigation,
  • epistolary jurisdiction,
  • publicity interest litigation,
  • private & political interest litigation,
  • paise income litigation
Publication Date
March 18, 2013
Citation Information
sreenivasa murthy meeniga. "Black clouds on Public Interest Litigation in India & Judicial Check" ExpressO (2013)
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