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Refashioning a Wordsworthian Tradition
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  • Spencer Hall, Rhode Island College
Authority, Democracy, and Self-Consciousness in Literary Studies
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Book Review
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In this review of the critical approaches to Wordsworthian study, Spencer Hall discusses the contrast between theory and academic study of Wordsworthian poetry and their links to each other. Wordsworth is discussed in that of the "problematic Wordsworth" and that of the "programmatic Wordsworth." The two sides show how one thought was a product of imagination which was perpetuated in our time and the other from current academic theories. Hall brings to the forefront that by recognizing the interconnectedness of Wordsworthian studies and contemporary theorizing, the issues of literary studies and liberal education can be engaged with Wordsworth.

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Spencer Hall. "Refashioning a Wordsworthian Tradition" (1994)
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