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About Sourav Banerjee

Dr. Banerjee’s expertise and fundamental research interests are in the general areas of Acousto-Ultrasonic Multi-scale Imaging and Physics based Multi-scale Predictive Model for Engineering and Biological materials.
His laboratory has developed two novel techniques called a) QUIC (Quantitative Ultrasonic Image Correlation) for Engineering Materials & b) Q-ACT (Quantitative Acoustic Contrast Tomography) for Biological materials to provide useful observable parameters at the bridging scales that are essential for multi-scale predictive models (MPM) and multi-scale information migration (MIM) techniques used in material modeling, predictive damage precursor, health monitoring, biological-behavioral modeling and characterization. His primary expertise also includes ultrasonic wave modeling using Distributed Point Source Method (DPSM), ultrasonic data analysis & interpretation.
Dr. Banerjee's current research focuses are 1) Precursor/Incubation of damage prediction in Metallic Alloys, Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC) for aerospace applications and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) for gas power & nuclear power applications at high temperatures using QUIC 2) Predictive multi-scale models for pathogenic colonies to predict and quantify their pathogenicity (i.e. secretion of toxin) using Q-ACT 3) Ultrasonic Guided wave based health monitoring for aerospace structures 4) Understanding ultrasonic wave field in periodic structures to design and fabricate phononic metamaterials & phononic sensors.
Dr. Banerjee's other research interests include Smart & Adaptive Structures, Material Assessment, Multifunctional Metamaterials, Health Monitoring, Characterization of Structural, Biological Materials.


Present Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina - Columbia

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Ultrsonics, Wave Propagation, Computational NDE, Signal Processing, Smart Materials, Sensors, Energy Harvesting, and Continuum Mechanics

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Honors and Awards

  • "Achenbach Medal" for being an outstanding young researcher in the field of SHM, 2010.
  • Jaya Seetha Ranjani Harihar Subramani Award, by IIT Bombay, 2002
  • Invited as a leading author to write a technical article on contemporary research in “Industrial Sensing and Measurement” column of Optical Engineering Magazine, SPIE Newsroom, 2007.
  • Invited to present contemporary research in “World Forum on Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology”, Chonjqing & Nanjing, China 2007”; Sponsored by NSF.
  • National Award for Best M.Tech Thesis by Indian Society of Technical Education, 2002
  • Honored by Technical Expert , 2005-2008 by Department of Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona, Tucson.


  • Advanced Mathematical Methods
  • Applied Numerical methods
  • Ultrasonic Wave Propagation

Contact Information

Phone: (803)777-4596
Fax: (803)777-0106
Office: Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of South Carolina
300 Main Street, Room A117
Columbia, SC 29208


Mechanical Engineering (30)