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The Genealogy, Ideology, and Future of ISIL and its Derivatives
Islamic Societies Review (ISSN 2372-0379) (2015)
  • Ahmed E SOUAIAIA, University of Iowa
The organization known today simply as the “Islamic State,” or by its Arabic acronym, Daesh (English, ISIL), has historical and ideological roots that go beyond the territories it now controls. These deep roots give Daesh confidence that it will succeed in dominating the world, but give others reasons to believe that it will fail in controlling even a single nation. Mixing puritan religious and political discourses, ISIL managed to dominate all other armed opposition groups in conflict zones (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya) and has inspired individuals in many other countries (Egypt, Pakistan, France, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia) to carry out brutal attacks in its name.
  • Middle East,
  • ISIL,
  • Daesh,
  • Syria's Civil War
Publication Date
Fall November 16, 2015
Citation Information
Ahmed E SOUAIAIA. "The Genealogy, Ideology, and Future of ISIL and its Derivatives" Islamic Societies Review (ISSN 2372-0379) (2015)
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