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Narratives of War in Islamic Societies, Whose side is God on?
Islamic Societies Review (2013)
  • Ahmed E SOUAIAIA, University of Iowa

The so-called Arab Spring ushered in a new era of conflict that is transforming Islamic societies in unprecedented ways. In the past two years, peaceful protests ousted some of the most ruthless dictators of the Arab world. Then, violent rebellions destroyed communities in Libya and Syria, stifled the non-violent movement, and amplified sectarian tensions by interjecting God into some of the most gruesome conflicts. By looking at the Syrian crisis as a case study, in this article I explore the function of narratives in managing war and the nature and evolution of Islamism in Islamic societies.

  • War narratives,
  • rebellion,
  • revolutions,
  • sectarianism,
  • religious dissent,
  • political dissent,
  • Arab Spring,
  • Sunni Islam,
  • Shi`a Islam
Publication Date
Summer June 30, 2013
Citation Information
Ahmed E SOUAIAIA. "Narratives of War in Islamic Societies, Whose side is God on?" Islamic Societies Review (2013)
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