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To compete globally, BRICS nations need reputation, not imitation
Islamic Societies Review (2013)
  • Ahmed E SOUAIAIA, University of Iowa

The economic, political, and social rise of the Western block of nations was founded on the single most enduring currency: reputation. Reputation, the source of credibility and trust, is the real asset that allows the U.S. to project its stature around the world. BRICS nations cannot rise to prominence by mimicking developed countries. They must build their reputation first. Wealth is only a byproduct of this more precious commodity, and countries who have it can squander it just as emerging economies can acquire it. For either of those results to happen in any country, circumstantial conditions and principled actions must converge. - See more at:

  • BRICS,
  • Brazil,
  • Russia,
  • India,
  • China,
  • South Africa,
  • Reputation
Publication Date
Spring May 9, 2013
Citation Information
Ahmed E SOUAIAIA. "To compete globally, BRICS nations need reputation, not imitation" Islamic Societies Review (2013)
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