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Recognizing New Syrian National Coalition Alone Won’t End War In Syria
Eurasia Review (2012)
  • Ahmed E SOUAIAIA, University of Iowa

Those who doubt Lakhdar Brahimi’s assessment of the crisis in Syria ought to rethink their position. His ostensibly naïve initiative for a ceasefire over the Eid holidays might have been a brilliant maneuver that ended the existence of the Syrian National Council, the previously prominent face of the Syrian opposition. Before proposing an ambitious plan of six or one hundred points like his predecessor, Brahimi wanted to make sure that there are reliable representatives of both sides who can exert influence and control over their subordinates. After visiting Russia and China, he proposed, from Tehran, that both the opposition forces and the government stop fighting for four days.

  • Syria,
  • Arab Awakening,
  • Middle East Politics
Publication Date
Fall November 25, 2012
Citation Information
Ahmed E SOUAIAIA. "Recognizing New Syrian National Coalition Alone Won’t End War In Syria" Eurasia Review (2012)
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