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Investigation on Clogging Potential of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in French Drain Systems
Proceedings of the International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo (2015)
  • Boo Hyun Nam, University of Central Florida
  • Zachary Behring, Florida Department of Transportation
  • Manoj Chopra, University of Central Florida
  • John Schoucair, Florida Department of Transportation
  • Soonkie Nam, Georgia Southern University
Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) has been used as replacement for virgin aggregates in road foundation, embankment, portland cement concrete, and hot-mix asphalt. The use of RCAs in drainage systems (i.e., base/subbase layer and French drain) has not received much attention because of the poor drainage performance of RCAs. Two major causes are (1) the accumulation of excess fines precipitated on geotextile and (2) deposition of calcite precipitation over time. To date, not many studies have been conducted on the drainage performance of RCAs. This limited and unavailable information hinders the use of RCA as drainage materials although there are many benefits to these in promoting sustainability in geotechnical and pavement engineering systems. In this paper, the drainage performance of RCA, No. 4 gradation used in a French drain system, has been investigated. Physical properties (i.e., abrasion resistance, gradation, absorption, etc.) of RCA were investigated, and a number of permeability (constant-head) tests were conducted. With the permeability test, the effect of fines (less than 75 µm) on the RCA permeability was evaluated. Lastly, accelerated calcite precipitation testing was devised and conducted to evaluate long-term performance of RCA associated with the calcite precipitation that can reduce permittivity of geotextile.
  • Clogging potential,
  • Recycle,
  • Recycled concrete aggregate,
  • French drain systens,
  • Drain systems
Publication Date
March 17, 2015
Magued Iskander, Muhannah T. Suleiman, J. Brian Anderson, and Debra F. Laefer
American Society of Civil Engineers
Citation Information
Boo Hyun Nam, Zachary Behring, Manoj Chopra, John Schoucair, et al.. "Investigation on Clogging Potential of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in French Drain Systems" San Antonio, TXProceedings of the International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo (2015) p. 2787 - 2796
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