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Freedom’s Just Another Word
English Faculty Book Gallery
  • Whitney Scott
  • Sonya Huber, Fairfield University

Editor: Whitney Scott

Contributing author: Sonya Huber

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Book Contribution
Sonya Huber is a contributing author, "Breath." Book description: Third in the "black and white" series, this is a richly textured mosaic of fiction, poetry and essays from authors across the nation and the world. The writings in this collection celebrate and question freedom and its responsibilities —challenge our concepts about "being free" and making choices—show us prisoners of war, of governmental policy, of societal prejudice, of jealousy and greed, of lies and laws and memories—and those who have made their way to freedom.
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Huber, Sonya. “Breath.” Freedom’s Just Another Word, ed. Whitney Scott. Crete, Illinois: Outrider Press, 1998.


Copyright 1998 Outrider Press

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Whitney Scott and Sonya Huber. "Freedom’s Just Another Word" (1998)
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