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The 2013 Australian dietary guidelines and recommendations for older Australians
Australian Family Physician
  • Sonya Brownie, Southern Cross University
  • Holly Muggleston, Southern Cross University
  • Christopher J Oliver, Southern Cross University
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Peer Reviewed
Dietary guidelines are designed to assist people to make appropriate food choices to reduce their risk of diet-related diseases. In 2013, the Australian Dietary Guidelines were updated and now includes food group recommendations for two groups of older Australians (51-70 years and 70+ years), where previously only one older age group existed (60+ years). The aim of this article is to raise awareness among general practitioners (GPs) about the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines and to identify relevant resources that will help GPs provide up-todate dietary advice for older patients. The 2013 Australian Guide to Healthy Eating visually represents the proportions of the five food groups recommended for daily consumption. The Recommended Dietary Intake for some nutrients is higher for older people, compared with the general adult population. Older people often turn to their GP for nutritional advice.
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Brownie, S, Muggleston, H & Oliver, C 2015, 'The 2013 Australian dietary guidelines and recommendations for older Australians', Australian Family Physician, vol. 44, no. 5, pp. 311-315.

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