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Professor Fritzsche holds a Ph.D. in Germanic Studies from the University of Minnesota and an M.A. in Modern European History from UCLA. She has lived and done research in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, and Donaueschingen. Her current projects include an article on the development of 70mm film in East Germany. She maintains an active interest in instructional technology as well. Besides courses in language, literature, and culture in German, she teaches LC 116 "German Postwar Film" (Art, G) and LC 272 "From Utopia to Science Fiction: Imagining the Future in Russia and Germany" (IT, G) in English.


Present Chair & Professor of German and Eastern European Studies, Illinois Wesleyan University

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20th Century German Literature and Film, and East German Film, Science Fiction


  • Beyond the Wall: German Culture since 1989
  • From Democracy to Dictatorship
  • From Utopia to Science Fiction: Imaging the Future in Russia and Germany

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Illinois Wesleyan University
201 E. University
Bloomington, IL 61701

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