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High-resolution, real-time three-dimensional shape measurement
Optical Engineering (2006)
  • Song Zhang, Harvard University
  • Peisen S. Huang, State University of New York at Stony Brook
We describe a high-resolution, real-time 3-D shape measurement system based on a digital fringe projection and phase-shifting technique. It utilizes a single-chip digital light processing projector to project computer-generated fringe patterns onto the object, and a high-speed CCD camera synchronized with the projector to acquire the fringe images at a frame rate of 120frames∕s. A color CCD camera is also used to capture images for texture mapping. Based on a three-step phase-shifting technique, each frame of the 3-D shape is reconstructed using three consecutive fringe images. Therefore the 3-D data acquisition speed of the system is 40frames∕s. With this system, together with the fast three-step phase-shifting algorithm and parallel processing software we developed, high-resolution, real-time 3-D shape measurement is realized at a frame rate of up to 40frames∕s and a resolution of 532×500 points per frame.
  • high resolution,
  • real time,
  • 3-D shape measurement,
  • metrology,
  • phase measurement,
  • phase-shifting,
  • structured light,
  • range scanning
Publication Date
December 13, 2006
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Song Zhang and Peisen S. Huang. "High-resolution, real-time three-dimensional shape measurement" Optical Engineering Vol. 45 Iss. 12 (2006)
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