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A Decent Home for Every Family? Housing Policy Initiatives Since the 1980s
Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare
  • Sondra J. Fogel, University of South Florida
  • Marc T. Smith, DePaul University
  • Anne R. Williamson, University of Florida
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  • Housing,
  • Policy,
  • Legislation,
  • Low-Income,
  • Home ownership

Afandamental economic and social principle embedded in the American psyche remains the value of shelter. However, housing policy is the result of a complex exchange among economic, political, and social agendas competing for attention within the multiple levels of local, state, and federal governments. This article intends to capture what we consider afea of the significant initiatives since 1980 that reflect these tensions and comprise our current housing policies and directions. Furthermore, we suggest additional housing issues that may need to be addressed by the next presidential administration.

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Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, v. 35, issue 1, art. 9, p. 175-196

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Sondra J. Fogel, Marc T. Smith and Anne R. Williamson. "A Decent Home for Every Family? Housing Policy Initiatives Since the 1980s" Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol. 35 Iss. 1 (2008) p. 175 - 196
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