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Synchronous Hybrid E-Learning: Teaching Complex Information Systems Classes Online
International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education
  • Solomon Negash, Kennesaw State University
  • Marlene V. Wilcox, Bradley University
  • Michelle Emerson, Kennesaw State University
Information Systems
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An empirical analysis in the form of a pilot study was conducted to compare a complex information technology course taught in a synchronous hybrid e-learning environment with one taught in a traditional classroom. The aim of the pilot study was to explore whether virtual learning environments (VLEs) are ready for teaching complex courses. Three courses taught during the summer semester of 2006 were used for the study; the results indicate the promise of synchronous hybrid e-learning for complex courses. Self-efficacy and satisfaction were also examined, and no differences were found between students in the two learning environments. Directions for future research were proposed to further evaluate synchronous hybrid e-learning environments.
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Negash, S., Wilcox, M. V., & Emerson, M. (2007). Synchronous hybrid e-learning: Teaching complex information systems classes online. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, 3(3) 1-13.