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About Soha Mostafa

I’m a phycologist, with over 20 year’s research experience in the area of applied phycology: phycoremediation of agro-industrial effluents and domestic wastewater into biodiesel and biofertilizers production; bio-precipitation of heavy metals via cyanobacterial off-gases; phytohormones, pigments, antioxidant, anticancer and other bioactive compounds production from algae; using microalgae in controlling Schistosoma mansoni, nematode, some fungal and viral plant diseases. I have an innovative in my work and sensitive to the problems and constraints faced by the Egyptian farmer. My work is in line with the recent approach at respect the RIO+20 Declaration and the Bio-Economy principles that call for optimal exploitation of the earth's resources. Practically minded and resourceful, I follow up my scientific work outside the laboratory to its field applications. I also design the production lines for my research outcomes and follows up by field testing the acceptance by the target beneficiaries. Appreciation of my longstanding work on algae was manifested by the invitation to serve as a guest author in the European online publication on "Plant Science" (December 2012). My contribution was with a chapter entitled: " Micro-algal Biotechnology: Prospects and Applications.


Present Non-Faculty Academic Position, Soils, Water and Environment Research Institute (SWERI); Agricultural Research Center (ARC) ‐ Department of Microbiology


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