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Silver nanoparticles: a possibility for malarial and filarial vector control technology
Parasitology Research (2014)
  • Namita Soni
  • Soam Prakash
Green synthesis technology is one of the rapid,
reliable and best routes for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles
(AgNPs). There are bioactive compounds with enormous
potential in Azadirachta indica (Neem). The extraordinary
mosquitoes warrant nanotechnology to integrate with novel
molecules. This will be sustainable technology for future.
Here, we synthesized AgNPs using aqueous extracts of
leaves and bark of Az. indica (Neem). We tested AgNPs as
larvicides, pupicides and adulticides against the malaria vector
Anopheles stephensi and filariasis vector Culex
quinquefasciatus. The results were obtained using UVvisible
spectrophotometer and the images were recorded with
a transmission electron microscope (TEM). The efficacy tests
were then performed at different concentrations varying
many hours by probit analysis. The synthesized AgNPs were
spherical in shape and with varied sizes (10.47-nm leaf and
19.22-nm bark). The larvae, pupae and adults of filariasis
vector C. quinquefasciatus were found to be more susceptible
to our AgNPs than the malaria vector An. stephensi. The
first and the second instar larvae of C. quinquefasciatus
show a mortality rate of 100 % after 30 min of exposure.
The results against the pupa of C. quinquefasciatus were
recorded as LC50 4 ppm, LC90 11 ppm and LC99 13 ppm
after 3 h of exposure. In the case of adult mosquitoes, LC50
1.06 μL/cm2, LC90 2.13 μL/cm2 and LC99 2.4 μL/cm2 were
obtained after 4 h of exposure. These results suggest that our
AgNPs are environment-friendly for controlling malarial and
filarial vectors.
  • Azadirachta indica . Silver nanoparticles . Efficacies .Malaria vector .Filariasis vector .Nanotechnology
Publication Date
Fall August 19, 2014
Citation Information
Namita Soni and Soam Prakash. "Silver nanoparticles: a possibility for malarial and filarial vector control technology" Parasitology Research (2014)
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