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About Slav Gratchev

Dr. Slav N. Gratchev is Associate Professor of Spanish (Peninsular Renaissance and Baroque Literature, Cervantes, Transatlantic Film Studies) at Marshall University. His profound interest in Miguel de Cervantes and Mikhail Bakhtin originated during his studies at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia, back in the time of The Soviet Union. He continued developing his ideas in Doctoral dissertation at Purdue University, as well as in his recent publications: “Prince Myshkin as a Tragic Interpretation of Don Quixote” in Cervantes: Bulletin of The Cervantes Society of America; “Duvakin’s Oral History and Bakhtin in His Own Voice” (co-authored with Dr. Gyulamiryan) in CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture; “Bakhtin in His Voice: The Annotated Translation” (College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies); “Don Quixote in Russia in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: The Problem of Perception and Interpretation” (The South Atlantic Review). He is also Editor of the multi-author book Don Quixote: The Re-Accentuation of the World’s Greatest Literary Hero (in press, Bucknell UP) that comes out in October of 2017.


Present Associate Professor, Spanish, Peninsular Baroque Literature and Cervantes, Transatlantic Studies, Marshall University

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Phone: 304-696-2750


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