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管理评论 = Management Review
  • Lin LIN, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Kan SHI, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Oi Ling SIU, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Alternative Title
A review of the research on work engagement
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • 工作投入,
  • 工作倦怠,
  • 工作-个人匹配理论,
  • 工作要求-资源模型,
  • 工作压力,
  • 积极心理学
工作投入是组织行为学研究中的新概念,文章从5个方面对国内外工作投入研究的最新进展进行了综述:工作投入的研究背景;工作投入的概念界定与测量;工作投入与工作倦怠、工作卷入和组织承诺的区别与联系;工作投入作用机制的理论解释框架;工作投入的影响因素和影响结果。最后在分析工作投入研究现有问题的基础上,文章认为日后研究应着力于明晰概念的内涵与外延、拓展研究的领域和层次、丰富研究方法、夯实与完善理论基础、开发干预措施和开展跨文化因素的影响研究。 Work engagement, the positive antithesis of job burnout, is a persistent, positive affective-motivational state of fulfillment in employees. Based on the summary of the researches on job burnout, the present paper reviews the related researches on work engagement. First it discusses the conceptual definitions and dimensions of engagement, its relationship with burnout, and the distinctiveness of engagement from other related psychological constructs. Second, it shows the measures employed to assess engagement. Third, it presents the theoretical framework. Fourth, it analyzes the antecedents and outcomes. Finally future researches related to engagement are discussed.
Citation Information
林琳、时勘、萧爱铃 (2008)。工作投入研究现状与展望 = A review of the research on work engagement。《管理评论 = Management Review》,2008(3),8-15。