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Unpublished Paper
Hermès Paris Individual Assignment 1.pdf
  • Siti Noreiza Ramlan
The reason for this review tried to look at the general execution of Hermès Paris with particular hazard elements and macroeconomic variable on gainfulness execution. The information acquired from yearly report of Hermès Paris beginning from 2011-2015. The estimation of liquidity proportion and working proportion used to see the generally speaking execution of Hermès Paris in 5 years which purportedly past benchmark. The extra estimation is the benefit measure, this variable has a negative and no huge association with liquidity hazard. To see the relationship of dangers elements to the benefit, this paper is using liquidity (current proportion), GDP and working proportion. Information was broke down by using relapse and bivariate relationship. The relapse examination and bivariate connection indicates just a single element of productivity is huge to working proportion which is ROA with the most astounding effect to the gainfulness. Be that as it may, the liquidity and GDP is not noteworthy to productivity with low effect to the gainfulness. 
  • Specific Risk,
  • Liquidity Risk,
  • Operational Risk,
  • Diversity,
  • Profitability
Publication Date
Spring April 16, 2017
Citation Information
Siti Noreiza Ramlan. "Hermès Paris Individual Assignment 1.pdf" (2017)
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