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Adaptive Control of Synchronization for Muti Axis Motion System
IEEE SoutheastCon 2010
  • Marvin H.-M. Cheng, Georgia Southern University
  • Sirajus Salekeen, Georgia Southern University
  • Ezzat G. Bakhoum, University of West Florida
  • Cheng-Yi Chen, Cheng-Shu University
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This paper investigate on motion synchronization of multiple axes systems. Two different control strategies, a cross-coupling controller in feedback loop and an adaptive controller, were used to synthesize the synchronization compensator with the cross-coupling dynamics among the axes. By using these strategies, the asymptotic convergence of both tracking and synchronization errors are achieved. The comparison of the two controllers of the nominal plant is discussed. Experimental results of a three-axis motion system that include system uncertainties are also illustrated to verify the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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Marvin H.-M. Cheng, Sirajus Salekeen, Ezzat G. Bakhoum and Cheng-Yi Chen. "Adaptive Control of Synchronization for Muti Axis Motion System" Charlotte, North CarolinaIEEE SoutheastCon 2010 (2010) ISSN: 1558-058X
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