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Komunikasi Lintas Budaya dalam Menjaga Kerukunan antara Umat Beragama di Kampung Jaton Minahasa
Jurnal Pekommas (2016)
  • Sinta Paramita, Tarumanagara University
  • Wulan Purnama Sari, Tarumanagara University
ndonesia is a multicultural country. This condition makes Indonesia become highly vulnerable to conflicts between ethnic or inter-religious. To avoid conflicts, as a country Indonesia required tolerance to maintain inter-religious harmony in Indonesia. Minahasa, especially Jaton Village is one of the areasin Indonesia, which can maintain its sense of tolerance and harmony. Jaton village is a village full of history and the majority of its citizens are Muslims, but the villagers were able to mingle and interact with the Christian’s citizens. The theories used in this research are the concept of intercultural communication and intercultural conflict by Samovar et all and Littlejohn & Domenici. This research is also used the concept of social interaction by Gillinand Gillin. This research was conducted using qualitative case study methods, with the aim to find out the intercultural communication between the residents in Jaton village, and as the result the harmony can be maintained. Based on this research, researcher find that acculturation is happens between Muslims citizens and Christian citizens as majority. This acculturation indicates that the interaction formed between the two religious groups is an associative interaction patterns, so there is no conflict as it is in other areas.
  • Jaton Village,
  • intercultural communication,
  • harmony among religious groups,
  • interaction
Publication Date
October, 2016
Citation Information
Sinta Paramita and Wulan Purnama Sari. "Komunikasi Lintas Budaya dalam Menjaga Kerukunan antara Umat Beragama di Kampung Jaton Minahasa" Jurnal Pekommas Vol. 1, No:2 Iss. 5 (2016) p. 153 - 166 ISSN: 2502-1907
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