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Why the Wisconsin Tragedy Matters to New Yorkers
  • Gunisha Kaur
  • Simran Jeet Singh, Trinity University
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Since the massacre of Sikhs in Wisconsin Sunday, we have been moved by the outpouring of support from our fellow New Yorkers. Even strangers have come up to us on the streets of Manhattan to offer flowers, hugs and encouragement. We are incredibly thankful to everyone for reaching out to us. At the same time, we are deeply disturbed that this violence fits into a pattern of hate crimes against Sikhs and Muslims in America. And although we like to think of ourselves as being the most diverse, cosmopolitan and tolerant place on Earth, hate crimes have been rampant here in New York City, too.
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Kaur, G., & Singh, S. J. (2012, August 7). Why the Wisconsin tragedy matters to New Yorkers. Metro. Retrieved from