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The Texas That I Love Has No Place for Bigotry
Houston Chronicle
  • Simran Jeet Singh, Trinity University
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I grew up watching the Dallas Cowboys, eating barbecue and tubing down the Guadalupe River. My childhood in Texas is one that many can relate to, but for the fact that I'm Sikh. I wear a turban, and I have witnessed discrimination throughout my life simply because I look different. While I left Texas to pursue a career in academics and interfaith work 10 years ago, my heart has never left the state in which my family's American dream was born. Through my work, I have seen minority communities struggle with being the unwarranted targets of misguided bigotry and prejudice as our nation has grappled with fear in the never-ending "War on Terror."
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Singh, S. J. (2015, February 4). The Texas that I love has no place for bigotry. Houston Chronicle. Retrieved from