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Swipe right with a chance of rain: weather app usage on smartphones
Advances in Business Related Scientific Research Journal
  • Michael J Bryant, Southern Cross University
  • William J Smart, Southern Cross University
  • Simon J Wilde, Southern Cross University
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Prior to the IT revolution, weather information was typically broadcast through non-electronic and electronic media. However, through the advent of technology, populations are now able to receive routine weather information through media other than the traditional sources of television and radio. These media channels include various forms of computing devices, such as personal computers, laptops, tablets, phablets and smartphones. In view of the growth, the ever-increasing penetration and adoption of smartphones, coupled with the mobility of societal lifestyle patterns, the „smartphone‟ would seem to be well suited as a device for consumer acceptance of weather information by means of weather apps. As part of a larger study into the acceptance, trust and value of weather apps by smartphone users, a number of key consumer-based insights are illustrated within this paper. These insights may have implications for both marketers of smartphones and developers of weather apps.
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Bryant, MJ, Smart, WJ & Wilde, SJ 2016, 'Swipe right with a chance of rain: weather app usage on smartphones', Advances in Business Related Scientific Research Journal, vol. 7, no 2.

Article available on Open Access