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Poverty, Indigenous culture and ecotourism in remote Australia
  • Don Fuller
  • Julia Caldicott, Southern Cross University
  • Grant Cairncross, Southern Cross University
  • Simon J Wilde, Southern Cross University
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Significant challenges exist for Indigenous people in identifying suitable economic and commercial development opportunities directed at enhancing economic and human development within their communities. Ecotourism is seen as one sector that could provide such opportunities. Don Fuller and his colleagues examine the importance and implications of Indigenous culture for ecotourism developments in remote Australian Indigenous communities, in order to evaluate the potential of ecotourism ventures as a possible contributor to economic and human development within remote Indigenous communities. In addition to examining the influence of culture, the paper suggests important strategies for Indigenous success in operating ecotourism enterprises. These include the importance of consultation and planning processes, the availability of suitable education and training to Indigenous business owner-operators and the availability of joint-venture partnerships with actors in the mainstream economy.
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Fuller, D, Caldicott, J, Cairncross, G & Wilde, SJ 2007, ‘Poverty, Indigenous culture and ecotourism in remote Australia’, Development, vol. 50, no. 2, pp. 141-148.

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