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Toward a Model for Customer-Driven Release Management
AMCIS 2013 Proceedings
  • Simon Cleveland, Nova Southeastern University
  • Timothy J. Ellis, Nova Southeastern University
Presenting Author
Simon Cleveland
Paper Type
Completed Research Paper
Undetected software bugs frequently result in service disruptions, productivity losses, and in some instances significant threat to human life. One way to prevent such bugs is to engage customers in acceptance testing prior to the production software release, yet there is a considerable lack of empirical examination of the release process from the customer’s perspective. To address this research-practice gap, this study proposes a model for customer-driven release management that has been shown to minimize the number of software bugs discovered in production systems. The model is evaluated during a 27 month study at a municipality using the action research method. Following the model, 361 software bugs were detected and eliminated prior to final production releases, confirming the value of customer-driven release management for elimination of production software bugs.
Citation Information
Simon Cleveland and Timothy J. Ellis. "Toward a Model for Customer-Driven Release Management"
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