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P-18 University Libraries Leading the Way through Choppy Waters: The Library's Role in Student Retention
Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Silas Bruscagin Marques, Dr., Andrews University
Presenter Status
Database/Off-Cumpus Services Librarian - James White Library
Preferred Session
Poster Session
Start Date
4-11-2016 2:00 PM
End Date
4-11-2016 3:00 PM
Presentation Abstract
Student retention becomes priority to university administrators in times of economic recession as the one we face today in many parts of the globe. Thus, student retention is part of the strategy to off-set attrition and declining revenues. Therefore, student retention and graduation rates are important to higher education. This study focuses on how academic libraries can be leaders in their Institutions by adopting a user centered philosophy and services that will promote life-long learning, enhance students’ academic experience, and promote engagement - which the literature and pertinent research identifies as key elements for student retention. The paper presents reports of earlier researches which correlated educational initiatives considered as high-impact practices with higher education student persistence. Having this discussion as a background, the paper addresses findings of studies which, in a more specific way, correlated library initiatives and services with student retention and proposed practical actions that academic library administrators can take to enhance student persistence. The paper proposes that the following areas have an impact in higher education quality and thus, student engagement and retention: library as a partner rather than a mere collaborator to the educational endeavor; Information literacy for undergraduate research; Enhancement of students’ first year experience; the role of strategic planning and assessment; libraries and institutional analytics; aligning the library with student’s learning styles; identifying and creating learning spaces. These are areas where the library can excel and lead the way to academic quality and student’s retention expected rates.
Citation Information
Silas Bruscagin Marques. "P-18 University Libraries Leading the Way through Choppy Waters: The Library's Role in Student Retention" (2016)
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