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Even social network comes with some precautions
Let your pictures be enjoyed only by you and your known friends (2015)
  • Sigourney Weaver

We have all swam a long way in to the sea of social network and things are not same like the way it used to be when we were on the shore. Hope you understand the simile being made here. We are in totally a new era, since the coming of various social network websites. If internet has shrunk the world, then social network has “shrunk the shrunken”. Though this seem to be a positive sign in many ways, let me keep you reminded that even social networks have not escaped the essence of Newton’s third law – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So what does this mean? It means that social network had opened its gates also to the pool of misusers, who are always on the hunt for profiles, in which they can implement their criminal creativity.

We should be familiar about many mishaps that had its reason for occurrence, on social networks. Now we are called up on to understand the meaning of this. It just means that even social network comes with a list of precautions to be followed. From a thorough understanding of the previous incidents, I have presented some precautions that you can follow in order to make your partnership with any social network to be enjoyable.

Never give too much of your information

Sharing information about you is a good thing to do, only when it is placed on a platform that that takes care of the security of the same. Information about you, that is being shared in any social network is prone to be misdealt with, and is highly vulnerable to be used for illegal purposes. It may seem like purchasing a cheap car insurance from an online website, where you provide your details. But they are two different things to deal with. All social networks provide an option to their users to either privatize or make their profile public and going for the former is always a good idea to keep your info safe from misusers.

Let your pictures be enjoyed only by you and your known friends

One of the important issues that arise while making your profile to be public is that, your profile snaps can be accessed by anyone and this anyone includes those culprits who have a sadistic interest in modifying your pictures and letting them out in some other websites. After all, your pictures will be of great value only when it reaches the right person who knows how to admire it and love the way it is being presented by you.

Don’t ever go for anonymous friendship

If you can recall, you would have signed up with a social network just to get in touch with your friends, whom you know or you might know. This should be the deal once and for all and never let your account be opened up for uninvited villains, who can use the privilege that you give, for the above mentioned reasons.

Let things be enjoyed the way you want then to be.

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Publication Date
Winter February 4, 2015
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Sigourney Weaver. "Even social network comes with some precautions" Let your pictures be enjoyed only by you and your known friends (2015)
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