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A sample stock exchange—WAP application
  • Siddhi Pittayachawan, RMIT University
At the present time, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a new technology that enables transmission of data from the Internet (World Wide Web) into any wireless terminal. Hence, users will obtain additional services that normal wireless devices do not have. Many applications are continuing to be developed for use within WAP wireless terminals, such as a micro browser, calendar, SMS or electronic mail. These applications have been developed for use with wireless devices that have narrow­ bandwidth transmission. The chosen application described in this minor thesis concerns a "stock exchange" application. This application retrieves share price information from stock exchange websites and stores this in a local database. Users are able to set their own trigger prices to let them know whenever the share price is at the price the users want to buy or sell. This application is a dynamic system and must retrieve the share information, compare share prices, and send related information to users at regular intervals.
Publication Date
November, 2000
Master of Engineering
Field of study
Department of Communication and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, RMIT University
Richard Harris
Citation Information
Siddhi Pittayachawan. "A sample stock exchange—WAP application" (2000)
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