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About Siddhartan Govindasamy

Areas of Interest: Multi-antenna wireless communications, random geometry applied to wireless communications, ad-hoc networks, signal processing for wireless communications and audio processing, information theory.
My research interests are in developing and analyzing flexible communications technologies such as ad-hoc wireless and cognitive radio networks. I am currently interested in studying the achievable data communication rates in such networks when nodes have multiple antennas, under a variety of assumptions. It is well known that multiple antennas at each node can significantly increase data rates in point-to-point links. The benefits of using multiple antennas in wireless networks is less well understood as there are many ways for nodes to cooperate in such network. Random geometry is an important tool in understanding these networks as achievable data rates are functions of relative node positions which are in general, random. Additionally, I am interested in developing signal processing algorithms and protocols that enable the efficient operation of such networks as many existing techniques are not well suited to the flexible, and spatially distributed nature of such systems.


Present Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Olin College of Engineering

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  • Principles of Engineering
  • Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications
  • Probability, Information Theory and Wireless Communications
  • Introduction to Information Theory and its Applications

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