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Enhancing student learning experience in lean manufacturing with industry engagement
ASEE Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration (2012)
  • Chad M. Laux, Purdue University
  • Shweta Chopra, Purdue University
Engagement with industry professionals is important to meeting Engineering Technology curriculum goals. Bringing industry representatives (guest speakers) to engage in the classroom, involving students with professional chapters involved in Lean, student field trips and incorporation of a virtual plant tour is based upon a classroom model that incorporates industry advisory board feedback. The model for teaching an introduction to lean manufacturing course introduces students to lean thinking ideas in addition to introducing students to industry professionals as well. This provides students with an opportunity to bridge the gap between classroom education and real world experience. In this paper we are going to report various learning outcomes and address the objective of each activity by measuring student learning. Student learning will be measured by pre-visit survey, these questions prior to the industrial visit and guest speakers’ visits are aimed at priming the minds of the students and providing a mental framework to acquire the intended knowledge. After the completion of the visit, a set of questions related to the visit will be given to students. These survey results will help compare and contrast student learning through the industrial experience, and also will help in finding out how well our course assists students to align with industry. It will also provide the opportunity to address the gap between classroom studies and, student perception about the outside world (industry). This presentation will help in addressing the importance of involving students with the industrial environment. This also will address a) Curriculum innovation driven by industry input and b) ways to teach innovation, two key issues and strategic plan of CIEC.
Publication Date
February, 2012
Citation Information
Chad M. Laux and Shweta Chopra. "Enhancing student learning experience in lean manufacturing with industry engagement" ASEE Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration (2012)
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