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The Spirit of a Man
Brothers of the Academy: Up and Coming Scholars Earning Our Way in Higher Education (2000)
  • Shuaib J. Meacham, University of Northern Iowa
Many discussions of African American men, both in the academy as well as in U.S. society at large, make much of our numerical decline and the various forms of risk we experience as targets of racist energies. Given such a focus, however, it becomes easy to overlook the fact that our presence as African American men in the academy is the function of spirit and thereby contains an important measure of power. In writing of the Spirit of a Man, power must be emphasized. For in contrast to the "at-risk" discourses that perpetually surround us, when we are aware of who we are and whose we are and when we are aware that, as James Baldwin (1985) reminds us, the price of our ticket has already been paid, power becomes the definitive quality of our academic experience. I have drawn from this power throughout my experience in the academy. With it, I feel that I am not only equal to the academic challenges that confront me but also that the particulars of the African experience in America have provided me with an intellectual advantage when compared to my colleagues in the mainstream. But I will speak more of that later.
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Lee Jones
Stylus Publishing, LLC
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Shuaib J. Meacham. "The Spirit of a Man" SterlingBrothers of the Academy: Up and Coming Scholars Earning Our Way in Higher Education (2000)
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