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Co‐expression of CD39 and CD103 identifies tumor‐reactive CD8 TIL in human solid tumors
Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting (2017)
  • Thomas Duhen, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Rebekka Duhen, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Ryan Montler, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Tarsem Mougdil, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Bernard A Fox, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Christopher Dubay, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Shu-Ching Chang, Providence St. Joseph Health
  • Gary L. Grunkemeier, Providence St. Joseph Health
  • Jason McDermott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA, USA
  • Rom Leidner, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Richard B. Bell, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
  • Andrew Weinberg, AgonOx, Portland, OR, USA
Identifying tumor antigen specific T cells from cancer patients has been a goal of tumor immunologists for several decades.


Here we identified a subset of tumor‐infiltrating CD8 T cells (CD8 TIL) characterized by co‐expression of CD103 and CD39 in human solid tumors. This cell population was only found in TIL from primary and metastatic tumors, exhibited features of chronic stimulation and displayed characteristics of tissueresident memory T cells. Double positive CD8 TIL had a distinct TCR repertoire compared to other CD8 TIL subsets, were highly enriched for tumor antigen recognition and efficiently killed autologous tumor cells. Finally, patients with head and neck cancer whose CD8 TIL contained a higher frequency of CD39+CD103+ cells experienced a greater overall survival.

This work describes a simple method for detecting tumor‐reactive TIL, which should help define mechanisms of current immunotherapies and may lead to the development of future immunotherapies.
Publication Date
November, 2017
National Harbor, MD, United States
Citation Information
Thomas Duhen, Rebekka Duhen, Ryan Montler, Tarsem Mougdil, et al.. "Co‐expression of CD39 and CD103 identifies tumor‐reactive CD8 TIL in human solid tumors" Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting (2017)
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