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Therapists' Perspectives on Working with Interracial Couples
Counseling Faculty Publications
  • Shruti S. Poulsen, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
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This paper is based on interviews with seven marriage and family therapists (AAMFT Clinical Members) on their experiences of providing therapy to interracial couples in the course of their private practices. The interviews were conducted by the author as part of a masters thesis project. Interracial couples may frequently present for therapy with a variety of generic couples' issues and concerns. However, therapists often find that underlying these more generic concerns are issues related to the ethnic, racial, and cultural differences that the partners bring to the relationship. This paper focuses on the historical context of intermarriage, specific concerns and issues that interracial couples experience in their relationships, and on the experiences of therapists providing therapeutic services to this diverse and challenging client population.
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Shruti S. Poulsen. "Therapists' Perspectives on Working with Interracial Couples" (2003)
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