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Open Relationships: A Culturally & Clinically Sensitive Approach [Book Chapter]
Counseling Faculty Bookshelf
  • D. Fierman
  • Shruti S. Poulsen, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
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About the book: This Brief from the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) is a collection of chapters from the AFTA Monograph Series. The chapters specifically address responses to a wide range of contextual phenomena from a relational family therapy perspective. Chapters are grounded in family systems concepts and informed by postmodern perspectives including social justice. The collection provides cutting edge thinking and practices for a variety of experiences that strongly impact individuals and families. Authors address the treatment of couples and families oppressed by socio-contextual phenomena such as war and poverty, and of those marginalized by the insidious impact of dominant discourse on relationships and on the therapeutic context, for example, sexual/gender identity and sexual practices. Established practitioners and scholars with particular expertise in the areas addressed bring exceptional transparency and knowledge to the descriptions of their work. Researchers, clinicians, educators, and students of family and couples therapy will find this volume very useful.
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D. Fierman and Shruti S. Poulsen. "Open Relationships: A Culturally & Clinically Sensitive Approach [Book Chapter]" (2014)
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