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About Shruti Poulsen

I have chosen to focus my work on families, children and couples and their well-being in a multicultural context. As a family and couple therapist, I believe in the healing powers of hope and connection not just at the micro level of the individual and family but also at the macro and meso levels of community, country, world, culture, etc. I am also very much an educator in my role as mental health professional and family therapist, believing in empowerment through formal and informal processes of learning about the self, others and the world around us. Prior to completing my undergraduate degree, I obtained my Montessori Teacher's Certificate and then worked for a few years as a Montessori teacher. Working with children and their parents brought me to the realization that learning was so much more than what happens within just the classroom and in relation to just the individual.


Present Associate Professor, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • 2015 | The Recognition of Service CSI Award | Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society | Counseling Program | University of Colorado
  • 2014 | The SEHD Excellence in Service Award | School of Education & Human Development | University of Colorado Denver
  • 2003 | The Norma H. Compton Outstanding Doctoral Student Award | College of Consumer and Family Sciences | Purdue University
  • 1994 | Student Marshal | Child, Family & Community Services, University of Illinois at Springfield


  • Skills for Helping Professions
  • Practicum with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
  • Practicum Supervision: Individual and Live Behind-the-mirror
  • Practicum in Counseling
  • Master’s Thesis Direction/Chair
  • Introduction to Sex Therapy
  • Internship in Counseling
  • Family Therapy Theories
  • Family Therapy Techniques
  • Counseling Couples


2003 PhD, Purdue University ‐ Child Development & Family Studies, Marriage & Family Therapy
1994 M.A., University of Illinois at Springfield ‐ Child, Family & Community Services | MFT Concentration
1992 B.A., University of Illinois at Springfield ‐ Child, Family & Community Services
1978 Teacher Certification, Montessori Institute of Los Angeles ‐ Montessori Education

Contact Information

University of Colorado Denver
P.O. BOX 173364
Campus Box 106
Denver, CO 80204


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