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Special Traumatized Populations: Burns Injuries
Current Pediatric Reviews
  • Shruti Mehrotra, Western University
  • Amita Misir, Western University
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It is important for physicians treating children to be aware of unique presentations that require expertise and knowledge. One area of importance when caring for traumatized children is Thermal Burn Injuries. Burns commonly result in morbidity in children; as such, the appropriate identification of the severity of the burn and appropriate management are integral to minimize the complications of burns during the acute phase. Attention to proper fluid management is paramount. Knowledge of types of solutions to use during Burn treatment is important.

Results and Conclusion

The evolution of wound management with newer biologic dressings and skin analogs for optimal skin recovery is discussed.


Article available at Current Pediatric Reviews, Vol. 14(1).

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Shruti Mehrotra and Amita Misir. "Special Traumatized Populations: Burns Injuries" Current Pediatric Reviews Vol. 14 Iss. 1 (2018) p. 64 - 69
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