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Gender and Divorce in Contemporary Singapore
Journal of Comparative Family Studies (2014)
  • Shirley Hsiao-Li Sun
We analyze the qualitative data collected through semi-structured interviews with 14 Chinese-Singaporean divorcees through the notion of “doing gender” (West and Zimmerman), and illustrate how various dimensions of the divorce experiences – including, but not limited to, the perceptions and experiences of court proceedings, coping strategies, and arrangements of childcare – vary along the gender line.
  • divorce,
  • family,
  • gender,
  • singapore,
  • law
Publication Date
Winter January 1, 2014
Citation Information
Sun, Shirley Hsiao-Li, Chong Wen-Ee, and Lim, Si Hui. 2014, “Gender and Divorce in Contemporary Singapore.” In “Changing Chinese Families” A special issue of Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 65(1):127-143.