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About Shirley SUN

Population-based genetic/genomic studies continue to use race and ethnicity, even though there is no scientific consensus about the biological or genetic boundaries of these categories.  Why? In the book on precision medicine in Asia, entitled "Socio-economics of Personalized Medicine in Asia" (2017), I show that the usage of racially and ethnically labelled population categories serves multiple non-biological purposes, including getting studies published in the highly-competitive scholarly science community, working with pharmaceutical companies’ capital investments, and ostensibly saving public healthcare costs.  However, the persistent usage of historically and socially constructed identities of race and ethnicity as a proxy of human genetic diversity inadvertently contributes to the racialization and ethnicization of precision medicine in the post-genomic era.


Present Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University
Present Division of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University

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