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Succeeding in the tenure and promotion process
The Physical Educator (1995)
  • R. Shifflett, San Jose State University
  • P. Patterson, San Diego State University
  • Shirley H. M. Reekie, San Jose State University
  • G. Goc-Carp, University of Idaho
The writers discuss ways in which college faculty members might succeed in the tenure and promotion process. An overview of strategies in teaching, publishing and research, and service that a junior faculty member should consider while pursuing tenure is provided. In addition to recommendations for successful teaching, information from content analyses and descriptive information from a survey of editors are also provided. The retention process and materials required for retention are briefly outlined. The writers believe that there is much to achieve before attaining tenure and promotion and that establishing a supportive network and obtaining advice from mentors can aid in the development of the essential skills and visibility required to succeed in this process.
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R. Shifflett, P. Patterson, Shirley H. M. Reekie and G. Goc-Carp. "Succeeding in the tenure and promotion process" The Physical Educator Vol. 52 Iss. 3 (1995)
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