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Fracture and Impact Toughness of Syntactic Foam
Journal of Cellular Plastics
  • Erwin M. Wouterson
  • Freddy Y.C. Boey
  • Xiao Hu
  • Shing Chung Josh Wong, University of Akron Main Campus
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In this study we assessed the fracture toughness, KIc, and the impact resistance of syntactic foam reinforced with glass microspheres of different densities and polymer binder as a function of microstructures. The results showed that both KIc and the linear elastic energy release rate, GIc, increased with increasing volume fraction of glass microspheres, and the increase was higher for microspheres possessing a lower density. The impact resistance of syntactic foam decreased with the inclusion of hollow microspheres.
Citation Information
Erwin M. Wouterson, Freddy Y.C. Boey, Xiao Hu and Shing Chung Josh Wong. "Fracture and Impact Toughness of Syntactic Foam" Journal of Cellular Plastics Vol. 40 Iss. 2004 (2004) p. 145 - 154
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