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Toughening of Nylon 6,6/ABS Alloys
Plastics Engineering
  • Shing Chung Josh Wong, University of Akron Main Campus
  • S. V. Nair
  • L. H. Vestergaard
  • L. A. Goettler
  • L. A. Gustafson
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The addition of glass fibers is shown to dramatically alter the relationship of fracture resistance to blend composition found in unreinforced nylon 6.6/ABS blends. While ABS decreased the initiation toughness and greatly increased the crack-propagation toughness of pure nylon 6.6, glass fibers increased the initiation toughness of the alloys.
Citation Information
Shing Chung Josh Wong, S. V. Nair, L. H. Vestergaard, L. A. Goettler, et al.. "Toughening of Nylon 6,6/ABS Alloys" Plastics Engineering Vol. 51 Iss. 1 (1995) p. 23 - 24
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