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Unpublished Paper
The Relationship of Risk Determinants on Profitability of London Biscuits Berhad
  • Shindujja Manimaran, Universiti Utara Malaysia
The purpose of the study is made to investigate the overall performance London Biscuits Berhad of few macroeconomic factors, liquidity risk, firm specific risk factors and profitability performance. The data was obtained from annual report of the London Biscuits Berhad of year 2011 to 2015. The overall company’s performance is measured using the liquidity ratio and operating ratio for 5 years which it apparently over the benchmark. The GDP is also favorable for the company on the 5 observed years. Some measurement like average collection period, quick ratio and return on assets are used to monitor the performance of profitability of the company in this paper. Three of the measurements have showed good results on profitability. In addition, regression and bivariate correlation has been utilized to analyze the data on ROA, ROE, ROCE, ROIC and EPS. The SPSS Statistics has been used to get results on regression and correlation. However, the results had also showed positive feedback on the profitability of London Biscuit Berhad.
  • Firm specific factors,
  • liquidity risk,
  • profitability and macroeconomic factors
Publication Date
Spring April 20, 2017
Citation Information
Shindujja Manimaran. "The Relationship of Risk Determinants on Profitability of London Biscuits Berhad" (2017)
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