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Numbers are Not Enough: Women in Higher Education in the 21st Century
New England Journal of Public Policy
  • Sherry H. Penney, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Jennifer Brown, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Laura McPhie Oliveria, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Women are now the majority of students in institutions of higher education in the United States, and in many ways women as students and faculty have seen significant progress. But numbers do not tell the whole story. Subtle forms of discrimination continue to exist, and the higher up the pyramid you go, the fewer women are to be found, whether among tenured faculty, as presidents and provosts or as board members and board chairs. Many steps can be taken to improve the situation. Some institutions are recognizing that. We note some positive changes and discuss areas where improvement is needed. True gender equality would benefit not only higher education, but society as a whole.
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Sherry H. Penney, Jennifer Brown and Laura McPhie Oliveria. "Numbers are Not Enough: Women in Higher Education in the 21st Century" (2007)
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