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Revelations from a Resident Assistant Mentoring Study: Misalignment on Mentoring
Leadership Studies Faculty Research
  • Sherry Early, PhD, Marshall University
  • Britt Frye, Marshall University
  • Jessica M. Hanna, EdD, Marshall University
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What do we really know about mentoring Resident Assistants (RAs)? Does mentoring affect RAs’ leadership efficacies? To address these two research questions we created a successful collaborative research project between Housing and Residence Life (HRL) and Leadership Studies faculty. We wanted to learn more about mentoring encounters/relationships and leadership efficacy (self-efficacy and leadership behaviors). Any successful assessment or research project requires communication and delegation of tasks.


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Early, Sherry L. et al. "Revelations from a Resident Assistant Mentoring Study: Misalignment on Mentoring." SLPKC Winter Newsletter, vol. 2, no. 3, 2017,