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Empowering Advisors to Facilitate Change
Leadership Studies Faculty Research
  • Melissa R. Shehane
  • Michael Baumhardt
  • Michael E. Shehane
  • Sherry L. Early, PhD, Marshall University
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Advancing group dynamics is difficult. In order for students to learn, develop, and grow within an organization, they need to be empowered by their advisor to feel that their ideas and contributions are both important and valuable. This concept of empowerment means providing freedom for people to do successfully what they want to do, rather than getting them to do what you want them to do (Whetten & Cameron, 2011). As an advisor to a student-led organization, it is important to empower students to identify specific actions and strategies that facilitate change and achieve the outcomes of the organization.

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Shehane M. R., Baumhardt M., Shehane M. E. & Early S. (2012, Spring). Empowering advisors to facilitate change in student-led organizations. Excellence in Practice, NASPA Knowledge Communities Publication. 46-47.