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Redefining Practice: Lessons Learned as a Researcher and Mediator
Family Law (2007)
  • Sherrill W. Hayes, Kennesaw State University

In the autumn of 2000 I travelled to England with a Masters degree, the requisite 40-hour family mediation training, a few all-issues family cases under my belt and a plan to obtain a PhD. The plan included: surveying and observing mediators; getting experience as a practitioner in the English context; situating these experiences into a relevant theory; and assessing the relevance of cross cultural comparison of mediation practice. I was fortunate to be supported and supervised by a great team at Newcastle University and to meet wonderfully supportive professionals who allowed me access to boundless amounts of information. Ultimately, I surveyed nearly 300 mediators, undertook nearly 80 hours of observations with mediators across the county, conducted dozens of field interviews with practitioners, professional practice consultants, administrators, and other professionals, and practiced mediation in two different not-for-profit mediation services for 8 months.

Publication Date
September, 2007
Citation Information
Sherrill W. Hayes. "Redefining Practice: Lessons Learned as a Researcher and Mediator" Family Law Iss. 37 (2007)
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