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Jedi Mediation - Lessons From Star Wars For Mediators And Peacemakers (2010)
  • Sherrill W. Hayes, Kennesaw State University

Like many men under 40, I spent my childhood living the original Star Wars triology. I pretended in that world, I spent my parents money (and later my own) on action figures and other paraphernalia, and I absorbed the films until the dialogue and lessons were interwoven into the fabric of my life. I began working as a mediator in 1999 when the “new triology” began and even started seeing the parallels between “The Jedi” and the work of mediators and other peacemakers. I have since learned that Mr. Lucas and his colleagues were very clever in weaving Eastern religions, Campbell's hero's journey, a variety of martial arts, and other important philosophical and practical ideas on peace and war through the film. What emerges in the stories and dialog are nuggets of accessible, everyday ideas and wisdom that can be applied in a variety of situations.

  • popular culture,
  • star wars,
  • conflict resolution,
  • mediation
Publication Date
October, 2010
Citation Information
Sherrill W. Hayes. "Jedi Mediation - Lessons From Star Wars For Mediators And Peacemakers" (2010)
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