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Being black academic mothers.
What the Village Gave Me: Conceptualizations of Womanhood (2014)
  • Angela K. Lewis
  • Sherri L. Wallace
  • Clarissa Peterson
A career in academe provides professors with flexibility and autonomy.  Despite this, academic mothers face challenges in balancing work and family.  Black academic mothers may face additional demands including battling hidden bias and misconceptions.  This essay utilizes autoethnography to demonstrate how Black academic mothers balance their careers and motherhood.  Personal narratives are used to identify emergent themes that serve as a basis to provide recommendations for understanding and improving working conditions for mothers in academe.
Publication Date
Denise Davis-Maye, Annice Dale Yarber, Tonya E. Perry
Rowman & Littlefield
Citation Information
Angela K. Lewis, Sherri L. Wallace and Clarissa Peterson. "Being black academic mothers." Lanham, MDWhat the Village Gave Me: Conceptualizations of Womanhood (2014) p. 37 - 51
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