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Adhesion- and Degranulation-Promoting Adapter Protein is Required for Efficient Thymocyte Development and Selection.
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)
  • Jennifer N Wu
  • Shereen Gheith, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Natalie A Bezman
  • Qing-Hua Liu
  • Lindsey V Fostel
  • Andrew M Swanson
  • Bruce D Freedman
  • Gary A Koretzky
  • Erik J Peterson
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Adhesion- and degranulation-promoting adapter protein (ADAP) is required in TCR-induced activation and proliferation of peripheral T cells. Loss of ADAP also impairs TCR-initiated inside-out activation of the integrin LFA-1 (CD11a/CD18, alphaLbeta2). In this study, we demonstrate that ADAP-deficient CD4/CD8 double-positive (DP) cells have a diminished ability to proliferate, and that these DP thymocytes up-regulate CD69 poorly in vivo. Moreover, in both MHC class I- and class II-restricted TCR transgenic models, loss of ADAP interferes with both positive and negative selection. ADAP deficiency also impairs the ability of transgene-bearing DP thymocytes to form conjugates with Ag-loaded presenting cells. These findings suggest that ADAP is critical for thymocyte development and selection.

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Wu, J. N., Gheith, S., Bezman, N. A., Liu, Q., Fostel, L. V., Swanson, A. M., & ... Peterson, E. J. (2006). Adhesion- and degranulation-promoting adapter protein is required for efficient thymocyte development and selection. Journal Of Immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950), 176(11), 6681-6689.